Larry Welz


Visionary designer and illustrator with an imagination that knows no bounds. That, combined with his wide range of experience & skills, makes him a potent source for original & viable concepts in all areas of commercial graphic design.

He provides creativity for the real world.

Larry drew his first comic book in 1959 at the age of 10. Ten years later, his work was published in Yellow Dog, a tabloid comic paper put out by the Print Mint in Berkeley.
In early 1970, Captain Guts, his first solo book came out. It sold really well so after three issues he immediately stopped doing it . Did a few other titles and Cherry Poptart appeared in Funny Book no.1, there was no #2.

Ten years later, after having opened a sign shop, having a couple of children, getting a divorce, becoming a single Dad, starting carnival ride painting Cherry Poptart appeared in her own book. It started selling really well and the rest is history.


  • art
  • murals
  • illustration
  • comics